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Choose the right shower rail – for shower comfort 3.0

Hans Grohe invented the shower rail more than 60 years ago: it is the original product from the Black Forest. We continue to develop it to this day. Advantages to you: exclusive designs with gleaming chrome, white/chrome, black or reflective glass surfaces – such as Unica E. Or with TÜV-tested grab bars up to 200 kg – such as Unica Comfort. Or solutions that you can custom-install on the wall – such as Unica Reno with variable wall brackets. To ensure that everything is perfectly coordinated, Unica shower rails come in a wide variety of lengths, with shower hose and brackets, compatible with all standard hand showers.

Correct fit: long shower rails for bath tubs, short ones for showers

Anyone who uses the bath tub for bathing and showering also needs to be able to position the shower head appropriately. In this case, we recommend a large shower rail around 0.90 or 1.05 m long. In the shower, your waist level is sufficient as the lower limit for you to reach for the 0.65 m long shower rail. However, the Unica range also includes the Unica E shower rail, which is available up to 1.50 m long. This offers plenty of room for manoeuvre, making it ideal for families with children and grandparents, or for convenient foot care. To ensure that the shower hose is ideal for the length, this is included with lots of rails.

Everybody hold on! Unica Comfort saves space and offers TÜV-tested safety

Even in a small bathroom, Unica Comfort provides added convenience. The space-saving combination of sturdy shower rail with removable shelf area also functions as an ergonomic grab bar. This provides safety, with a tensile force of up to 200 kg. Thanks to the extra shower support, Unica Comfort also makes it easy to shower while seated. Whether you are left-handed or right-handed: the shower rail is available for both.

Unica E shower rail: unique, elegant and glitzy

With its surface made of scratch-resistant glass, Unica E is quite a spectacle in the bathroom. Whether in white/chrome, black/chrome or mirrored chrome: its shallow body nestles up against the bathroom wall and it blends in perfectly with glass shower enclosures, overhead showers or thermostats. Its self-locking slide enables easy one-handed adjustment. The shower head can be variably rotated and tilted. Includes practical Casetta E soap dish. Installation is impressive too: the Unica E shower rail can be installed onto existing connections – ideal for speedy refurbishments.