How much is bathroom refurbishment?

Bathroom renovation: How to get the bathroom of your dreams to match your budget

Do you want to modernise your bathroom but are unsure of the outlay and expenditure? Renovation involves many factors, and your options are endless. hansgrohe is on hand with tips for three budgets: Basic, Comfort and Premium. Please bear in mind: The actual costs depend on the size, amount of construction work required and choice of furnishings.

Modern bathroom with floor-level shower.
Modernising a traditional bathroom: a more indulgent shower with a hansgrohe shower system and timelessly beautiful taps on existing connections.

Basic: modernisation from 2,000 EUR/m2. You’ll be doing just fine with this bathroom

Do you want to freshen up your bathroom with a reasonable amount of DIY and noticeable benefit?
  • First step: choose timelessly modern ceramics and furnishings to add new sparkle to the bathroom.
  • Place the focus on fun in the shower. The budget-friendly Crometta showerpipe, which works on existing connections, is the perfect choice here. It features a combination of hand shower, overhead shower and thermostatic mixer. 
  • And when you add a new hand shower to the bath tub, it will change the entire look of the bath tub carrier.
  • Add the finishing touches to the modernisation with attractive taps on the bath tub and on the new wash basin, which use the existing connections.
  • We recommend using standard-sized tiles and DIY to remove the old ones. Plaster walls and cement floors are trendy and save on tiling.

Comfort: bathroom renovation from 3,000 EUR/m2 for upscale taste

Minimalist bathroom design with a view of the outside world.
Labour-intensive bathroom renovation: A lavish shower area with overhead shower and Select technology. Design taps add the finishing touches to the look.

Want something a bit more special? You could have fun with a creative solution involving a more indulgent shower and exquisite interior design: 

  • This budget can accommodate a floor-level solution, in which the wastewater pipes and connections will need to be re-laid. 
  • This also applies to the latest concealed installation shower technology, for example an XXL overhead shower. The ShowerTablet is perfect when combined with the hansgrohe Rainmaker, as it is attached to the concealed pipeline and connects the shower control and shelf.
  • Why not include a sliding safety glass panel for separation on one or two sides – a unique solution for the shower space.
  • Design taps at the wash basin emphasise the sophisticated design. 

Premium: renovation from 4,000 EUR/m2 for an exclusive spa bathroom

Luxurious bathroom with large windows.
Uniqueness and the highest standards slot into place in exquisite bathroom design. A premium bathroom renovation is likely to require a budget of more than 4,000 EUR/m2.

Are you fortunate enough to be able to renovate your bathroom in style or convert a former bedroom into a bathroom? Then installing drywall, moving walls and doors and laying pipes lie ahead for you. 

  • As an example, you could combine a luxurious overhead shower such as the Rainmaker Select with the RainSelect shower control, both of which are installed out of sight behind the wall.
  • The floor will be re-laid to create a consistent look, together with a floor drain for the shower space and the pipelines for a free-standing bath tub. The floor-standing bath mixer looks ultra-elegant here
  • Select exclusive wall cladding such as large wall panels, natural stone or porcelain slabs.
  • Custom-built wash basin consoles and an exclusive lighting design then add the finishing touches. 
Before and after

An example of bathroom renovation

Before and after: bathroom renovation.
Before and after with the wow factor. You can gain in comfort and design with just a few changes to the existing floor plan, as seen in the example.

Before and after: new life for the old bathroom – a success story

Gone are the days of the tired-looking, bog-standard bathroom with trip hazards everywhere! The floor-level shower uses the shower cabin’s drain, while a modern Raindance overhead shower with wall connection replaces the previous exposed installation solution with shower rail. The new overhead shower and the ShowerSelect concealed installation thermostatic mixer use the existing connections, but the wall needs to be opened up and the adapted pipelines concealed behind the wall. Installing a shower area requires a floor drain with a modern trap housed in a recess in the screed. The new bath tub is placed opposite it and attached to the existing toilet waste connector. Wood-effect porcelain tiles are laid throughout the bathroom, including on the walls in the splash zone, for a more lavish style. A design wash basin with a tap from the Metropol range replaces the two individual wash basins. Taps and shower products match in the matt black surface finish, giving the newly renovated bathroom an ultra-modern look. 
A well-designed bathroom upgrade creates endless comfort and a fresh feel, even in the smallest of spaces. Clear architecture is paired with modern design for a welcoming feel in the bathroom.

These products add new shine to the renovated bathroom

Getting to the nitty-gritty

Are you wondering who to contact to make your dream of a modern bathroom a reality? Search our Showroom locator to find the perfect bathroom specialist in your area. You can let the hansgrohe premium partners know your personal preferences and requirements on the contact form. This way, the bathroom specialist and planner know your design priorities and what to focus on in the consultation from the outset.