An exemplary composition in natural tones

Oriental bathroom in vibrant design with traditional patterns from the East

In the oriental bathroom, abstract patterns and subtle colour gradients are decoratively combined. The linear furnishings appear modern. Intricate mosaics and geometric, floral design add individual accents. An otherwise subtle colour scheme calms down the vibrant motifs and creates a natural feel. Innovative taps and showers enable you to enjoy water in comfort.

Shower with large overhead shower in oriental bathroom design.
The modern Orient in the bathroom

Oriental inspiration and abstract design in the bathroom

Do you love abstract patterns and would you like to create a modern bathroom with an oriental aura? Get inspiration from the vibrant motifs of eastern bathing culture. Combine the dynamism of eastern adornments with the tranquility of linear, nature-oriented design. Dark mosaics, contrasting wall surfaces in plain white and slender borders of light-coloured wood cover large areas with geometric and floral décor. A subtle colour scheme with pastel shades and earthy nuances subdues the vivacious interior. A floor-level shower expands the space and offers plenty of room for enjoying showers. The wash basin counter top in a light wood finish forms a geometrical ensemble with the wash basin. The clean lines give the room a natural feel. In the vanishing point of the bathroom, a wall surface in a blue pastel shade increases the spatial effect.

Exclusive details and ground-breaking technology in harmony

With elegant linearity, the hansgrohe Rainmaker Select shower system asserts itself in the oriental bathroom design. The artfully glazed spray disc with a white background on the large overhead shower excites the senses and offers versatile water indulgence. Taps in the hansgrohe Talis range combine innovative design with exceptional usability. In addition, these taps use water and energy efficiently. At the wash basin, you control the water via an intuitive button (Select).