Elegant trendsetter in a perfect setting

Colourful taps: New surface finish designs in the bathroom

Metropol is a tap range offering numerous options for adding elegance to the wash basin. Even in chrome, the geometric range is an eye-catcher. And the taps are now available in colour! The hansgrohe premium tap comes in a choice of five more surface designs. Add a personal touch to the bathroom with FinishPlus. Do you have the courage to add colour? Find impressive interior designs here.

FinishPlus: colourful taps

Design freedom for your bathroom and your personality. Whether with metallic or matt trend colours: Add unique charm to your dream bathroom.

Colourful taps from hansgrohe in the spa bathroom.
hansgrohe design tap in chrome.
Whether in the guest bathroom or heavenly home spa: The combination of chrome-coloured Metropol tap with a white counter top wash bowl shows off your illustrious taste.

Chrome: feminine elegance with classic shine

Make a modern design statement with the Metropol tap in chrome. Its parallel lines and shiny finish show how graceful geometric precision can be. The winner of the iF Design Award features a natural and feminine look, as seen here. It is subtly enhanced by wood panels, antique pink wall colours and pastel accessories, which, in turn, reflects your personal taste.
Be bold with colour with this matt black tap \(hansgrohe\).
Metropol premium tap in the trend colour of matt black: This bathroom setting is perfect for lovers of modern architecture and appealing contrasts.

Matt black: back to basics

Add a touch of masculinity to your bathroom with a basin tap in the trend colour of matt black. The “square” of the hansgrohe tap range joins forces with the black wash bowl and wooden console to form a cool design team here. If you want to accentuate this edgy look, we recommend creating deliberate black and white contrasts in your choice of walls, furniture and bathroom accessories.

Be bold with colour with this matt white hansgrohe tap.
Metropol design tap in the trend colour of matt white: Its freshness and plush elegance completes the look of the modern bathroom.

Matt white: bold freshness with unconventional charm

Good morning, bathroom oasis! This cheerful setting instantly puts you in a good mood. The premium tap in matt white vies with the white curtains for textile transparency and summer freshness here. Like a mountain stream, clear water trickles into the grey wash basin below. There is always sunshine in the room with the high-gloss yellow glass console. The matt design trend is all about bright, colourful accessories and contrasts.

Metallic tap in polished gold optic \(hansgrohe\).
The Metropol tap in the metallic polished gold optic surface finish adds even more elegance to your bathroom than a chrome tap would.

Polished gold optic: understated Italian bella figura

The polished gold optic tap creates a shimmering metal look that is easy on the eye and gives your bathroom setting a hint of mystique. The ornamental tap is stylishly framed by a high-gloss black wall, a marble console and a cinnamon-coloured vinyl surface finish here. Elegant decorative items and accessories in black and gold add extra glamour to the space.

Metallic tap in brushed black chrome from hansgrohe.
Geometric tap with round wash bowl in black: Add a personal twist to your bathroom with the trendy design colour of brushed black chrome.

Brushed black chrome: bold, striking and shapely

Showcase cool linear shapes in the bathroom and become a trendsetter with brushed black chrome. The tap offers endless amounts of design options in the metallic black look. Surfaces and recesses in teal and blue and a console made of raw steel are expressive design elements here. So you can immerse yourself in a harmonious, grounding setting every day.
Metallic tap in brushed black chrome from hansgrohe.
Lovely elegant design: The metallic shimmer of the Metropol tap in the trend colour of brushed bronze conjures up a natural feel in your bathroom.

Brushed bronze: harmony in subtle natural shades and nuances

Your good taste and personal style can be very smoothly expressed in the metallic colour of brushed bronze. The elegant surface finish design is perfect for creating your own unique colour contrasts. Why not match the tap with a cream wash basin or emphasise its bold look by framing it with a green wall? Subtly shimmering accessories and mirror effects add to the organic look.