Older couple in their very own hansgrohe dream bathroom.
Examples of inspiring interior design

Bring your bathroom dreams to life!

hansgrohe is setting new standards in the bathroom – in collaboration with our long-term partner PHOENIX Design. In the following interior design examples, we showcase the harmonious interplay between showers, faucets, ceramics, and accessories. Get to know your new dream bathroom! And enjoy the many benefits of purchasing everything from one supplier.

Everything from a single source: Holistic product solutions for your bathroom

For incomparable water experiences, we at hansgrohe don’t think in terms of individual product solutions; we transform the elements into holistic bathroom experiences. These include ceramics, faucets, showers, and accessories alongside inspiring ideas. This way, we can create a perfectly coordinated, interactive environment for your personal tastes. By doing so, we redefine comfort, ignore traditional constraints, and bring design dreams to life.

Rediscovering places of wellness

Our new dream bathroom concepts are stylish places full of emotions and beautiful moments. They are beloved spaces where you can relax and feel happy, enjoy water with all of your senses. Every dream bathroom is unique. What do you want yours to look like? What feelings should it evoke?

Experience new excitement

hansgrohe aims to help you find the answer with the following overall concepts. Your dream bathroom is always based on your style and needs, your living situation, and the spatial conditions in your home. You can put it together individually and incorporate your wishes.

Rethink your bathroom!

Unique dream bathroom solutions for 2024

From lovingly designed accessories right through to a holistic wellness paradise with everything in the same shape: You can create the bathroom of your dreams with hansgrohe. Find innovative ways to set the stage for your shower space, wash place or toilet area here. Our new bathroom product line includes:

  • Water- and energy-saving designer showers that pamper you all over – with color-coordinated shower bars, shower channels, and shower shelves 
  • Reliable thermostats that compensate for water and temperature fluctuations
  • Comfortable wash basin solutions in different shapes and sizes 
  • Resource-conserving faucets that are an excellent fit for the wash basin
  • Beautifully shaped toilets that harmonize with the ceramics in your wash place
  • And so much more

Immerse yourself in our new products for 2024!