Inspired by Scandinavian style

Geometric shapes in the bathroom are on trend

Do you love minimalist design with precise lines and surfaces? Do you appreciate geometric design that creates visual tranquillity? Then your bathroom will be bang on trend! Architectural clarity is winning over more and more bathroom fans with its uncluttered appearance. There is plenty of leeway to add a personal touch to this Scandi-inspired trend. So why not make design edgy?

Modern bathroom design with geometric shapes.
Trendy bathrooms are all about geometric shapes. The clear design and purist architecture create a tranquil ambiance in the bathroom. \(Photo ©Bette\)

Linear design brings serenity and visual respite

In the bathroom, this trend can be seen in the symbiosis of right angles and precise contours that add visual structure to the room. The design is inspired by architectural shapes and gives the bathroom a calm and high-end allure. Consistent room design in which surfaces blend into one another, backed up by the latest trend. This style world is rounded off with bathroom taps and showers with a design based on clear geometric shapes.

Taps and showers for a linear look

Bathroom products with a cubic design concept are very popular at the moment. This can be seen in the flat surfaces and clear-cut edges of the new Metropol bathroom tap range. This hansgrohe line consistently follows the trend of accentuating right angles. Wash basins with thin walls and a basic cubic shape also highlight the geometric style. The purist design goes well with concrete or concrete-look tiles, which are also currently on trend. Large-format stone is also a natural design partner that adds some warmth to the clear style. A reduced colour scheme, ranging from subtle natural shades through to black and white, accentuates the focus on precise geometry.

Design with a unique signature.

The bathroom décor with expressive taps from the Metropol range and cubic, sculptural products creates a clear and harmonious look.

Floor-standing bathroom taps with clear geometric shapes.

Refreshingly linear

Spotlight on high-end design

Geometric shapes can be used to set the most individual accents: The cuboid wash basin is a showstopper as a sculptural pillar and is the perfect place to put the spotlight on the floor-standing basin tap from the Metropol line. The single-lever bath mixer from the same range is the perfect complement to this and matches the free-standing bath tub. In the shower, the strikingly linear design of the square Raindance E overhead shower transforms into a distinctive head-turner of the modern bathroom. The large, flat surfaces of the shower can be perfectly paired with the tap range. Round off the indulgent shower experience with the flat shower control, which is built into the wall and features a slimline silhouette. The design references shapes from modern architecture. hansgrohe bathroom taps are always great choices thanks to their precise geometry, understated design concept and maximum functionality, which effectively complement the striking bathroom design.