Inspired by the big city

Modern bathrooms: the tasteful way to match designer taps with subway tiles

This dream bathroom mixes cool modern vibes with elements of urban style. Bold design statements meet nostalgic subway tiles reminiscent of Paris and New York. Vivid geometric design is the recurring theme in the elegant bathroom, where the spotlight is on the high-quality taps and showers from hansgrohe. The combination of pastel colours and wood emphasises the versatility of subway tiles.

Subway tiles and linear bathroom design.
Drawing on the subway for inspiration

Elegant bathroom design and sensual retro charm

Do you want your dream bathroom to have the flair of the big city? If you opt for timeless subway tiles here, it will open up so many options for tasteful pairings in this bathroom. Premium taps and purist bathroom design create a unique synergy with the urban style of the tiled wall.

Bold images and ingenious combinations

It seems like modest purism at first glance, but you notice the explicit references upon closer inspection: The subway tiles are reminiscent of the early modern period and urban transportation, so they can be matched with many different elements. Timeless tiles meet linear interior design in this bathroom. The colour-coordinated grout and natural wall colour create a calming vibe in this space. The Rainmaker Select overhead shower with two jet types gets people eagerly excited to step under this amazingly indulgent shower. The large rain shower comes with its very own customisable spa programs.

Long live the rectangle

The interior design places the spotlight on the lavish shower with its minimalist shower enclosure made of glass. The subway tiles make a visual impact throughout the space, so much so that their format becomes a recurring theme: The linear overhead shower is a reference to the geometric design, while the horizontal RainSelect shower control blends in harmoniously with the tile pattern. In this concert of clear lines, the operating buttons, which are controlled using Select technology, are made to look like tiles. The theme of clear precision can also be seen in the wash basin, which has been paired with the matching wall-mounted mixers from the Metropol range. The free-standing bath mixer makes a bold statement beside the bath tub, with a round shape that deliberately breaks away from the surrounding linear elements. Wood once again adds a hint of warmth to this clean-cut bathroom.