Harmonious design with white

White is an ace up your sleeve in a dream bathroom with gentle color accents

Elegant white as the basic color tone lends a bright, spacious feel to this dream bathroom, while bathroom faucets harmoniously complement the subtle style in the exclusive FinishPlus color Matt White. The demure design leaves room for individual accents, like pale blue tiles on select surfaces. Combine it with plants that bring nature into the clean bathroom ambiance.  

Bright bathroom, consistently designed with white faucets.
White is in

Bathroom faucets in Matte White make the bathroom shine

Do you appreciate a bright interior? Want to express your individual style in the bathroom with white surfaces? Then you're sure to like the clean lines in this dream bathroom, where subtle color accents provide a personal touch. Harmoniously combine the bright base color of the walls with a light wood for the bathroom furniture and sky-blue pastel shades for the tiling where needed. Matte white surface finishes for bathroom faucets and showers give the wellbeing bathroom visual tranquility and an exclusive touch without being too imposing. The floor-level walk-in shower, separated by a single pane of glass and pampered by a shower system, represents contemporary comfort. The mosaic that protects the wall at this point, as well as at the sink and bath tub, evokes the vibrancy of water with its patterning, while various plants bring an extra natural touch to the bathroom. 

White faucet surfaces show personal style 
The style-conscious decision for pure white faucet surfaces can be found consistently throughout the bathroom. FinishPlus Matte White enhances the Talis E faucets, as do the complementary products such as the shower hose and holder and the complete shower pipe shower system. The combination of thermostat, overhead shower, and hand shower meets high demands for a wide range of showering comforts, perfectly rounded off by the integrated floor-level shower surface.