New kitchen accessories

The hansgrohe soap dispenser and multifunctional sieve, draining board and cutting board

High-quality, sophisticated kitchen accessories make it easier to prep, cook and clean. hansgrohe is dishing up a range of aesthetic and functional innovations for the sink: a soap dispenser, multifunctional sieve, mobile draining board and beautiful cutting board. And what’s more, these kitchen aids make great gift ideas!

The multifunctional sieve as a kitchen accessory.
The practical multifunctional sieve: Designed to fit hansgrohe sinks and featuring the perfect dimensions for the flat SatinFlow spray on the Aquno Select M81, it sits snug while also remaining mobile.

Multifunctional sieve: the helper at the sink

Handy to have: A sieve that fits hansgrohe sinks and frees up hands when rinsing food and draining cooking water. With the clever design of the multifunctional sieve, you can rinse fruit and vegetables almost splash-free on the tilted surface of the sieve. The accessory is positioned on the basin rim and is easy to move. The multifunctional sieve comes with the new and exclusive hansgrohe Aquno Select M81 taps and is the perfect match for the SatinFlow jet type. The accessory’s dimensions have been designed to fit the wide shower spray, which makes contact with the sieve at a flat angle. 
Draining board and shelf on the hansgrohe sink.
Creates more flexibility at the hansgrohe single- or double-basin sink: the stainless steel mobile draining board with a place to hang items from the high-quality plastic frame.

Mobile draining board – welcome to the sink

Does the following situation sound familiar? You rinse a glass in an instant and leave it on the side to drip-dry. A kitchen with a draining board by the sink is often more in demand than a decent basin. Check out the new hansgrohe mobile draining board, a great addition to our single- and double-basin sinks. Placed on the basin rim, its grooves and angle help water to quickly run off the robust and hygienic stainless steel. Smart detail: You can hang a dishcloth from the plastic frame. The frame and draining board are both dishwasher-friendly. They can be taken apart for cleaning and easily reassembled. 
New kitchen accessory and gift idea: wooden cutting board
Reliable, practical, attractive: hansgrohe cutting boards are multi-functional kitchen accessories and decorative eye-catching features in any kitchen.

hansgrohe cutting board: the finishing touch for efficient kitchen chores

Highly functional and great aesthetics at the sink: The thin hansgrohe cutting boards (20 mm) are treated with a hardwood glaze. They have antibacterial properties and a smooth surface that is gentle on knives. The boards are made of oak or walnut, are robust and retain their shape over time. An added bonus: A hansgrohe kitchen sink is this natural product’s perfect partner. Fitting like a lid on a saucepan, the board covers the sink to become a convenient shelf. The integrated guide edge makes the versatile board easy to manoeuvre over the sink unit, with no jerking movements.

Kitchen accessory idea: elegant soap dispenser in the sink.
With the new hansgrohe dispenser, you can have washing-up liquid or soap always to hand. So you can do chores without a hitch and not have to worry about any sticky plastic bottles.

hansgrohe soap dispenser: small hole, big help

We all love a tidy kitchen: The hansgrohe range now includes a soap dispenser flush mounted in the worktop or sink, either to the right or left of your tap or in the sink rim. Enjoy always having washing-up liquid or soap to hand, with the sink now looking tidier than ever. The accessory comes in designs to seamlessly suit the style of your kitchen: Choose between the stainless steel or chrome surface finish and between round, linear or flat flanges. The slimline soap dispenser can be swivelled and is easy to operate – even for economical use. It also comes with a funnel, making refills a doddle.