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Warranty policy - Hansgrohe India

Offering our customers, the highest quality always is an elementary component of the Hansgrohe company philosophy. Therefore, we offer our customers a voluntary manufacturer’s warranty on our products. The terms and conditions of the warranty policy can be found below.

Our warranty conditions

I. General Provisions

Hansgrohe India offers this Manufacturer’s Warranty to customers of Hansgrohe products. It is applicable notwithstanding any imperative liability provisions of the applicable law.

A “customer” in the sense of this Manufacturer's Warranty is any person who is the first owner/user of the Hansgrohe’s product for a consideration which has been paid and which it/he/she did not purchase the product with the intention of resale or for any commercial purpose. The warranty is confined to customers who are the first to buy the product from Hansgrohe India, a dealer or any other natural or legal person who sells or installs the product within the limits of its/his/her business activity or independent occupation. By purchasing this product, customer agrees to Hansgrohe India’s warranty on the product.

The foregoing warranty constitutes Hansgrohe India’s sole warranty and no other warranty, express or implied, including warranties of fitness for a particular purpose and warranties of merchantability is given to the customer and there are no warranties which extend to use of the Hansgrohe’s products for the purposes beyond description. Hansgrohe India neither assumes nor makes nor authorizes any person to make representation that the product is of any particular quality or standard or is suitable for any particular purpose, otherwise as stated.

This warranty is only effective if proof of purchase (original sales receipt) is provided with all warranty claims or requests. Further, in order to claim warranty, limited warranty certificate, duly filled, stamped and signed by the authorized dealer or authorized channel sales partners must be submitted along with product on which warranty claim is made to attending authorized service personnel. This original certificate must be preserved by the customer and produced whenever required.

II. Scope of Warranty

Valid for Hansgrohe’s products purchased by customers on or after 01/01/2010 (purchase receipt/invoice):

Hansgrohe India assures customers that its products are free from material, manufacturing, and design faults. The latest science and technology at the time of manufacture is decisive in this regard. For claiming warranty, the defect giving rise to the damage must already have been present in the product at that time.

Depending upon the product category and residential/non-residential/commercial settings/projects, this Warranty shall be valid for all eligible Hansgrohe products for a period of five (5) years or three (3) years or two (2) years, as applicable, from the purchase date by the primary customer as provided in the Warranty Chart provided at the end of this Policy. In the event of repair/replacement of any part/s of the unit of the product, this warranty will thereafter, continue and remain in force only for unexpired period of warranty. Moreover, the time taken for repair/replacement of the product in transit, whether under the warranty or otherwise, shall not be excluded from the warranty period. The warranty period shall not be extended due to the provision of services within the scope of this Warranty, especially not in the event of servicing or replacement or product is not installed or not used from date of purchase of product.  In such cases, the Warranty period shall also not start anew.

Hansgrohe India shall make its best endeavor to provide onsite warranty services but due to unavoidable/in exceptional circumstances the product may be required for offsite inspection at Hansgrohe India's service center/service center of Hansgrohe India's authorized service associate.

Hansgrohe India operates business through their authorized channel sales partners. Customers are strongly suggested to purchase Hansgrohe product through the authorized channel sales partner. Hansgrohe India is not bound to support under warranty for any product purchased through unauthorized seller/supplier/re-seller.

Hansgrohe India’s service working hours are Monday to Saturday from 9:30 Hrs. to 18:00 Hrs. except all public & national holidays or force majeure conditions. Any service specifically requested after service working hours will be on chargeable basis subject to being agreed & approved by Hansgrohe India. Hansgrohe India reserves right of denial of such request on its sole discretion.

III. Notification of Defects under warranty

The customer can claim the rights under this Warranty by written notification of the defect within the warranty period to Hansgrohe India on or by calling at Hansgrohe India Toll Free no. 1800-209-3246 between 09.30 Hrs. and 18.30 Hrs. Monday to Saturday, except public and national holidays or force majeure conditions.

While registering claim under warranty customer should provide below details to Hansgrohe India:

  1. Customer name/contact number/complete address with pin code/email address.
  2. Type of product and date of purchase.
  3. Nature of problem customer facing with Hansgrohe product.
  4. Customer should produce original product purchase invoice or receipt along with the warranty certificate, at the time of issue reported.

IV. Benefits of the Hansgrohe India’s Manufacturer’s Warranty

Hansgrohe India shall, at its sole discretion repair or replace the defective product.

Hansgrohe India will make every effort to carry out repairs at the earliest within a reasonable period of time. Notwithstanding anything provided earlier, it is expressly clear that Hansgrohe India is under no obligation to do so in a specified period of time.

During warranty period and under normal use, if the product/component/part is found to be of faulty due to manufacturing defect, the same will be repaired or replaced upon production of relevant documents as provided herein earlier, at the sole discretion of Hansgrohe India’s trained official. Hansgrohe India or its authorized customer care agents/authorized dealer agents certified will repair or replace with new or functionally operative parts free of charge, any part or parts of the product when it is identified that the defect to a duly covered product, is solely attributable to manufacturing fault and not caused due to improper installation, unauthorized repair/service or usage and other exclusions provided in this policy below. Spares and/or labor costs shall be charged according to the conditions of the warranty coverage listed.  The customer must grant access to the product. In the event of non-availability of components or parts due to any reason whatsoever Hansgrohe India or its authorized customer care agents/authorized dealer agents will not be responsible or liable for any delay that may be caused to service/repair of the products and no claims financial or otherwise will be entertained.

It is entirely left to Hansgrohe India's discretion to effect repairs/replacements of parts or components of the sealed system at the site of installation or at the service stations of its branches or authorized customer care agents/authorized dealer agents or at its works.

Hansgrohe India and its authorized customer care agents/authorized dealer agents reserves the right to retain any part/s or component/s replaced at its discretion in the event of a defect noticed in the product during the warranty period. In case of replacement of product, the defective product shall be replaced free of charge by a new product of the similar kind and quality. If the product in question is no longer manufactured at the time of the notification of the defect, Hansgrohe India shall deliver a similar model of product.

If the product is installed beyond the municipal limits of Hansgrohe India’s authorized customer care agents/authorized dealer agents or reseller/channel sales partner’s locations, any and all costs and expenses incurred for repair/service of the products in respect of (a) to and from travel of service personnel and (b) transportation of the product and/or spare parts and/or components from the location of Hansgrohe India’s branch office or authorized customer care agents/authorized dealer agents or reseller/channel sales partner, to customer’s location and back shall be borne wholly and solely by the customer at the prevailing rates, and Hansgrohe India shall not be liable for any damage caused to the product in transit or delivery for repair. The transport or shipment to and from Hansgrohe India or to and from the dealer, respectively, any removal and any reinstallation of the product, or any other particular measure may only be performed upon prior written consent by Hansgrohe India. The customer shall be obliged to pick up the product himself/herself at the nearest Hansgrohe dealer/authorized dealer agents unless anything to the contrary is agreed upon. Hansgrohe India and customer agree that Hansgrohe India shall have no liability for any cargo loss, loss of use or any incidental or consequential damages.

In exceptional circumstances, if Hansgrohe India, at its discretion, decides to refund the purchase price and confirms this in writing, the customer shall return the defective product and Hansgrohe India shall reimburse the purchase price mentioned in the invoice of the defective product.

This warranty does not include payment of or responsibility for any excise duty, central taxes, state taxes and octroi or other local taxes assessed to the parts supplied, replacement unit or repaired during the warranty period.

Customer and Hansgrohe India agree that customer’s sole remedy for any defects in goods hereunder shall be limited to the repair or replacement at Hansgrohe India’s option within warranty period after delivery of such goods to the first purchaser, of any defective goods, of which notice of defects is given by the customer to Hansgrohe India in accordance with terms of this warranty certificate.

Hansgrohe India’s liability will be limited and restricted to the product replacement/value of the product sold. Hansgrohe India under all circumstances shall not be liable to uninstall the defective product or installed replacement product. In case replacement is the only option then the customer has to hand over the defective product to the dealer/re-seller/supplier from whom it was purchased and take the replacement product.

V. Conditions and Exclusions

This warranty does not extend to incidental or consequential damages, losses or expenses arising out of ignorance, negligence, willful damaging, damage in transit, mishandling, voltage fluctuations, electric faults, unauthorized alteration or repair and accidents either due to faulty installation or otherwise. Also, this warranty does not cover incidental, special, loss of business, consequential damage/defects of any nature resulting from improper selection/improper installation and use of the product. The conditions for the effectiveness of this Warranty are the professional installation and maintenance according to the operating instructions and the generally acknowledged rules of technology (e.g. by a master craftsman or an authorized specialist) and the compliance with the operating instructions and the use of the Hansgrohe products according to Hansgrohe India's technical and care instructions.

This includes, among others but not exclusively, that supply water pipes are rinsed professionally and thoroughly according to applicable standards in particular before the products are installed or after any building activities have been carried out, that plumbing’s are in conformity with the enclosed graphical representations, and that the operating pressure in the water network is checked as concerns the technical provisions. Customers are advised that they can use appropriate pressure pump to have adequate pressure of water for optimum performance of products.

Before final tiling work, all plumbing lines & concealed fixtures to be checked for any leakage or any other functional issue to avoid any issue in product performance.

Mounting instructions and instructions for use and care are enclosed to each product and are also available at

The warranty does not cover:

  • Wearing parts, such as e.g., seals, rubber parts hoses, washers, universal angle valves, jets, seat cover hinges etc.
  • Fragile parts, such as for example glass, electric bulbs, by breaking.
  • Consumables, such as e.g., batteries, filters or aerators, by consumption.
  • Minor deviations of the Hansgrohe products from the nominal condition that have no influence on the serviceability of the product.
  • Incoming dirt, water hammers, in particular warm water hammers, furring’s, operating errors and operator’s mistakes, damages clue to aggressive environmental influences, chemicals, cleansing agents.
  • Product defects caused by the installation, transport and trial run of the bought product

In addition to the exclusions earlier provided, the Warranty does not apply in case of:

  • If customer fails to produce product purchase invoice/receipt/warranty certificate.
  • Non-conformity with the mounting instructions and instructions for use and care that were provided or are available at
  • Installation, maintenance, repair or care by non-professional persons.
  • Product defects that have been caused by the customer, plumber or third persons.
  • Damage attributed to normal wear and tear.
  • Any defect or damage arising from reasons attributable to the customer/third party, including without limitation willful actions, negligence, mishandling, improper storage, improper fitting, misuse or improper repair, faulty installation, negligence, accidents and repairs by unauthorized person or maintenance practices and/or used in any manner contrary to any written instructions provided by Hansgrohe India.
  • Lack of or incorrect maintenance.
  • Problems arising from insufficient water pressure, water impurities or improper care and cleaning and Voltage fluctuations.

Intentional and accidental use of cleaners containing abrasive cleansers, ammonia, bleach, hair dye, acids, waxes, alcohol, solvents, bath oil, bath salts or other products not recommended for color and coating and due to improper cleaning or cleaning with coarse cloth also for fading of any material due to sun or chemical exposure.

Any other defect or damage occurring or being notified after the expiry of Warranty Period, including but not limited to any latent defect.

Any goods which after delivery hereunder have been repaired or modified or altered by anyone other than that has been authorized and approved by Hansgrohe India.

Hansgrohe India shall also not be liable to customer claiming the warranty under the terms of condition of this limited warranty, due to defects caused by rodents/pets or in the events of force majeure. The ‘Force Majeure’ means any disaster, act of God or the public enemy, any accident, explosion, fire, storm, earthquake, electric storms, tornado, flood, casualty, lockout, strike, labor conditions, unavoidable accident, explosion, national calamity, epidemic or pandemic or any other circumstance or event or by any enactment of law, or by order of any legally constituted authority, or government restriction and/or restraining order or by any other similar cause of the Hansgrohe India or beyond the reasonable control of the party relying upon such circumstance or event.

VI. Non-applicability of the Warranty

This warranty will automatically terminate on the expiry of the warranty period, even if the product may not be in use for any time during the warranty period for any reason. Additionally, if it turns out that a product defect is not covered by this Warranty, the costs arising due to the shipping and transport of this product shall be borne by the customer himself/herself. Moreover, the customer shall bear the costs, including any labor costs, that arise due to the inspection of the product, as well as the costs for the removal and reinstallation of the product. If the customer requires that the repair be executed after he/she has been informed about the non-applicability of the Warranty and about the expected costs for the repair, he/she must also bear the costs for the spare parts and the labor costs.

If the product did not already have the defect at the time of delivery of the same, Hansgrohe India shall decide in each individual case whether a repair will be performed by good will. In this case, the customer shall have no legal basis to claim benefits from this Warranty.

VII. Place of Performance, Place of Jurisdiction and Applicable Right

This Warranty policy is of Hansgrohe India Private Limited, Office No. 5, 7th Floor, Fountainhead Tower 2, Viman Nagar, Pune 411014, Pune, Maharashtra, India.

This warranty shall be governed by laws of India and the Courts at Pune, Maharashtra shall have exclusive jurisdiction to entertain any dispute regarding or arising out of this warranty or the sale of the product.


Hansgrohe India Private Limited
Office No. 5, 7th Floor, Fountainhead Tower 2
Viman Nagar, Pune 411014, Pune, Maharashtra, India
Phone: +91 2066259500


This warranty chart is the part and parcel of Warranty Policy
WARRANTY CHART (Faucets, Showers & Fittings)
Product CategoryProposed Warranty Period for Hansgrohe
ResidentialNon-residential Commercial Settings/Projects
CP Fittings (Faucet/Shower/Hand shower/Diverters/Concealed Bodies/Thermostat)5 years5 years
Commercial Product (Sensor Faucets/Toilet Sensors/Urinal Sensors)5 years5 years
Steam Generators/Digital Products5 years3 years
Sensors, Electronic Circuits, Electrical Assemblies, Solenoid Valves, Control unit, Electronic control units3 years2 years
Accessories (Angle Valve, Towel Ring Soap Dispenser, Paper Holder), Flexible Hose Pipe, Clamps, Connection Tubes3 years2 years
Health Faucet and Hose Pipe, Hand Shower hose3 years2 years
Consumable Parts like Battery, Aerators, NRV, Fastening set, O-rings, screws, Extension, Remote control, Power Adapters, Power cablesNilNil
Shower Toilet Ceramic Bowl5 years2 years 
Electronic & Electrical Components *inside Shower Toilet Seat Covers1 year6 months 
Toilet Seats / Hinges / Seat Covers / Hydraulic Parts / Bumpers2 years1 year
Remote Controls1 year1 year


WARRANTY CHART (Ceramics,Sanitaryware and Bathing Products)
Product CategoryProposed Warranty Period for Hansgrohe
Residential Warranty Commercial Warranty Period
Ceramic Sanitaryware (Toilets, Wash Basins, Urinals)10 years5 years 
Acrylic Bath Tubs5 years5 years
Toilet Seats Hinges / Hydraulic Parts / Bumpers2 years1 year
Toilet Seats 2 years1 year 
Internal Fittings - Beta Valves, Inlet/Fill Valves, Bases, Pistons, Flush Valve Cartridges & Safety Valves, etc.2 years2 years 

*Electrical / Electronic Components such as Sensors/ Motors/ Pumps/ Solenoid Valves/ Heaters/ Circuits
Boards/ Blower / Filler Valve/ Discharge Valve / Battery / Power Adapters / Power Cables Controllers are
considered as Electronic/Electric Components.