Rainfinity: a high-end experience

hansgrohe PowderRain in the Rainfinity overhead shower.
Brand new and already winning awards

Rainfinity: the ultimate in showering indulgence

Do you want an ultra-modern shower that indulgently pampers you every day? Then you should check out Rainfinity, the new – and already multi-award-winning – hansgrohe shower range for discerning wellness and design lovers. Its innovative jet types, such as the micro-fine and ultra-quiet PowderRain, add a special kind of indulgence to your daily shower.

PowderRain from the Rainfinity overhead shower. PowderRain
Intense PowderRain from the Rainfinity overhead shower. Intense PowderRain
RainStream from the Rainfinity overhead shower. RainStream

Deep relaxation for the discerning wellness and design lover

Your bathroom is your personal feel-good space where relaxation takes centre stage. Imagine being cocooned from head to toe in ultra-soft micro-droplets in your shower – all-round indulgence like you’ve never experienced it before. There’s actually no need to imagine it, as you can now enjoy a thoroughly sensuous pamper session with Rainfinity designer showers. This sensation is created a) through PowderRain, the jet type with differing intensities cascaded through b) curved spray discs with a new outlet design. This culminates in c) unique moments of indulgence and ultimate relaxation. This new ABC of wellness by hansgrohe guarantees a completely new dimension to showering.

A new archetype of design: It’s never been nicer to stand in the rain

Rainfinity’s overhead shower, hand shower, shelves and separate concealed controls add modern touches to the bathroom, while users can switch between jet types simply and intuitively with Select. The Rainfinity design is a visual extravagance: The large overhead and hand showers add extra cosiness to the bathroom with modern colourful finishes and the subtly textured spray disc((bold)). The matt white of the showers stands in elegant contrast to the graphite-coloured spray discs, and the new showerpipe is a head-turner in your living space.

Recent design awards: It’s raining Gold for Rainfinity

No other hansgrohe product range has ever received so many accolades: Rainfinity has been heralded as the new icon of bathroom design, scooping the iF GOLD AWARD, the Red Dot: Best of the Best, the Iconic Award: Innovative Architecture (best of the best) and the Iconic Award: Innovative Interior (best of the best). In justifying its choice, the International Forum Design jury said Rainfinity had: “excellent workmanship with consistent proportions and a masterful mix of materials”, while the Red Dot jury said: “Rainfinity impressed us with its clean lines and exquisite quality. The sophisticated design interprets familiar shapes in interesting ways to create a new design concept.”
Let go and enjoy

Check out every aspect of Rainfinity in the picture gallery.

Rainfinity: all-round indulgent showering with a broad range of products

Sensuous indulgence and a trendsetter in minimalist bathroom design: The Rainfinity range is impressive in every way. There’s the large, round hand shower (130 mm diameter) or the purist manual shower. Or the versatile shoulder shower that keeps the face and hair dry. Or the overhead shower with its innovative wall connection: Set it at an angle – there’s no need for a shower arm. Want to know more? Check out Rainfinity’s other design extras and product features on our product page.