hansgrohe CoolStart

Get into the habit of saving energy with CoolStart taps

hansgrohe CoolStart taps are eco-friendly, only running cold water when the handle is in center position – whereas with standard taps, energy is consumed immediately in the same position. With our CoolStart technology, your plumbing system doesn’t get filled with hot water unnecessarily. The result: fewer resources consumed, lower CO2 emissions, and lower energy costs. Good for the environment and your wallet!

Save energy at home with hansgrohe CoolStart.
In the center handle position, hansgrohe CoolStart faucets only run cold water. Hot water flows only when you want it to. To do so, simply turn the lever to the left.

How to reduce your hot water costs, daily 

Where can we save energy, how do we reduce CO2 emission, what can we do to combat climate change? These questions are on everyone’s mind. The best place to look for answers is in the energy consumers in our homes that we use several times a day, like taps. The hansgrohe CoolStart concept is as simple as it is ingenious: Warm or hot water will only flow out of these taps when you really need it. You only use the energy when you actively move the lever handle to the left.

CoolStart: Saving energy at home is easy

Standard faucets work differently: the continuous flow heater, circulating pump, and other water heaters start up as soon as the lever is activated in the middle position. But we don’t always need hot water, do we? Cold water is often enough while washing hands, watering flowers or cleaning. That’s exactly the trick: CoolStart faucets only heat water when you see a need. You alone decide how high the temperature should be – multiple times a day. Typical hansgrohe: with an economical CoolStart faucet, you can enjoy full convenience and beautiful design.

Save energy at home and enjoy beautiful design

Less hot water consumption, reduced CO2 footprint, more savings

Reduce hotnwater consumption with CoolStart taps.
hansgrohe doesn’t want you to watch TV 24/7. But we do want to help you make good use of precious resources. That’s what our product developers work toward 24/7.

Having a cool start saves energy.

If you start cool, you can save energy. How much? Here’s one example calculation: a four-person household that uses a hansgrohe CoolStart tap for 20 minutes every day for a year can consume 508 kW hours less energy than it would with a standard tap. To put this into perspective, with 500 kWh, you can:

  • Make 67,564 slices of toast
  • Watch TV 24/7 for at least a year
  • Blow dry your hair for 500 hours

Having a cool start reduces your carbon emissions.

Background information: Around 90% of CO2 emissions in the bathroom occur in the usage phase i.e. while heating water for the shower, bath tub and wash basin. An example calculation: a four-person household that heats water with gas can use 23 kilograms less CO2 per year with a CoolStart tap than with a conventional tap. To put this into perspective:

  • Two mature, 75-foot-tall, beach trees would need two years to offset these 23 kilos.

Having a cool start saves money.

This is especially important  in times when energy prices are soaring. An example calculation: a four-person household that heats water with gas can save 61.97 euros every year simply by replacing their old tap with a CoolStart model. By the way:

  • A CoolStart tap pays for itself in less than two years.  

The basis for these calculations can be found at the bottom of this page.*

Find your CoolStart tap and start saving:

*The percentage energy savings show the savings of a hansgrohe CoolStart product compared to a conventional hansgrohe product without CoolStart. 

The calculation of the use of a lavatory faucet is based on an average consumption of 5 liters per minute at 3 bar. To obtain the most accurate result, this value must be individually adjusted. Energy required to heat 1 liter of water by 1 °C: 1 kcal or 0.00116 kWh. Energy required to heat 1 liter of water from 10 to 35 °C (water temperature of a lavatory faucet): 0.029 kWh/liter of water [calculated with energy formula based on the General Calculation Principles according to the International System of Units (IS). Conversion from kWh to oil: 10 kWh = 1 liter of oil].

The energy prices proposed here correspond to average values for Germany and must be individually adjusted for the most accurate result. 12.2 cents/kWh was assumed. Energy consumption of household appliances is based on  these values (valid as at 04/2022).

Hansgrohe SE cannot guarantee or warrant the accuracy of the results; the calculation is dependent on many unforeseeable factors and therefore remains non-binding. In particular, it is dependent on energy prices.