Dream kitchen and living space are merging

The stage is set for the open-plan kitchen

The current trend is to have a flowing architecture, where spaces for living, cooking and enjoying food all merge together. The open-plan kitchen is a real treat for anyone who enjoys chatting to others while preparing delicious food. Beautiful materials, high-quality the kitchen products and design all create a harmonious liaison with the dining area and living space, and really upgrade the home.

Eating are in open concept kitchen with stairs.
Smooth transitions between living, cooking and eating areas: unifying materials and colours help to blur the boundaries. (©Leicht Küchen AG, www.leicht.com)

Add individual design accents to the open-plan kitchen

The kitchen is becoming the hub of the home, and is opening up in the process. In keeping with the cooking trend, it’s no longer a closed-off galley; instead it’s an inviting place for the whole family and its guests. The kitchen is changing accordingly, and becoming an open-plan area where you can enjoy visual contact with fellow housemates and friends and carry on conversations. Fancy cooking while watching the TV show that is playing on the sofa? Perhaps you also dream about how convenient it would be if there were only a few steps between the kitchen, dining area and a comfy seating area?

Coordinated materials create a harmonious ensemble

The open-plan kitchen blends in beautifully with the living environment when coordinated materials link the areas together visually. The trend is to use wood and natural materials throughout, including the kitchen cabinets, worktops, floor, right through to the living area. Laminate and trendy tiles with a wood effect create a visual link. In many cases, certain details such as rugs provide smooth transitions. A consistent colour scheme and seductive lighting support the creative harmony. Designer lamps with a cosy feel across the dining area or breakfast bar also cause the areas to become visually indistinct. Comfy seating may complement the counter, where guests also gather. In this inviting ambience in the cooking and living areas, the prominent sink tap really grabs the attention. The invaluable kitchen assistant adds an individual design accent.

Kitchen workspace, maximum flexibility

Advantages of a cooking island: it is easy to reach from all sides, and thanks to the seat on one side, also ideal for socialising.

Open concept kitchen with kitchen island.
“For many people, cooking is a passion that they would love to share with others. So this offers a solution whereby the kitchen's working area is merged with hospitality and living areas.”
Christian Wadsack, Dipl.-Ing. interior designer BDIA
Transparent and inviting

Here you will find inspiration for the open-plan kitchen

Kitchens for chefs.
Switch jet types easily on the hand spray in the M 71 range: the swivel range makes this a very flexible feature. Both on the work counter and on the island solution in the open-plan kitchen.

Intelligent functions for individual requirements

Would you also like to have an open-plan kitchen whose design fits in perfectly with your lifestyle? No wonder, since you probably look at your kitchen technology, i.e. taps, sink and appliances, from your sofa and dining area multiple times a day. To support the trend towards open-plan design, hansgrohe offers you a selection of both aesthetic and highly functional kitchen taps and sinks. Technical sophistication and a cosy area of retreat can be seamlessly combined in a way that suits your taste. The kitchen products from the Black Forest are impressive thanks to their functionality, ergonomics and outstanding design.

Whichever hansgrohe solution you opt for: you can enjoy your own personal ComfortZone at the sink unit, thanks to the large swivel range of the kitchen taps. You can enjoy more flexibility thanks to a control concept that has proved its worth in the kitchen, in conjunction with the hand spray: the innovative Select technology offers you the option of turning the water on or off in passing, at the touch of a button (also on an island solution). Or you can position your water control unit wherever you like. This option of being able to control it from different sides also makes for a convenient workspace in the open-plan kitchen.