EcoSmart: plenty of joy in the shower, even with low water consumption.
Save water, energy and money!

#InTouchWithOurPlanet: Find joy in saving water

Do you want to cut your water and energy costs but still feel plenty of joy and comfort in the shower? Use our Water Savings Calculator to work out the resources you can save with hansgrohe EcoSmart showers.

The water four people can save every year using EcoSmart technology* is enough to fill:

How to save water and energy with EcoSmart

Small trick, huge effect: The video shows how EcoSmart technology works.

With a sustainable hansgrohe invention you can save precious resources, while still experiencing joy and comfort in the shower.

The secret lies in EcoSmart technology, which uses up to 40 percent less water than standard shower heads. And with EcoSmart+, this saving increases further to up to 60 percent. Water is saved, so less heating energy is required, so your gas and electricity bill may also go down.

Calculate your savings now! Use the hansgrohe Water Savings Calculator to work out how much water, energy and money you can save every year.

Find your EcoSmart water-saving shower

Water is more than just a resource. Green is more than just a colour.

Water is life. Water is our passion. So we do all we can to protect this precious resource: with water- and energy-saving showers, taps and technologies. We want you to be guided by your passion for water and for this wonderful planet. Together we are #InTouchWithOurPlanet. After all, playing our part in the bigger picture leaves us feeling good. With every shower we take.

The Hansgrohe Group’s commitment to sustainability 

Sustainable thinking and actions shape the Hansgrohe Group. In the 1980s we were one of the industry’s first manufacturers to bring out a water-saving hand shower. The company plans to convert all showers and taps to water- and energy-saving technologies by 2030. Especially as a bathroom analysis by the Hansgrohe Group revealed that around 90 percent of the CO2 emissions are generated during a bathroom’s utilisation phase.

*The example calculation is based on the assumption that everyone in the family of four showers for 5 minutes every day.