The new iBox universal 2 for simple concealed installations.

iBox universal

Renovating your bathroom or building a new one? A water control system built into the wall has several advantages. Minimalist faucets and mixers make everything look nice and tidy – and you can enjoy full freedom of movement when showering or bathing. A base set is required underneath the plaster. Get to know our new iBox Universal 2 here. For fast, flexible, and safe installation. View Products

Efficient installation with maximum flexibility

For concealed installation, hansgrohe offers an attractive range of “pre-fab sets” for the bathroom, like ShowerSelect Comfort or DuoTurn, minimalist controls that are installed in place of a bulky thermostat or faucet. Please note: This product must be fitted by a professional.

Concealed installation designs are impressive because of their low space requirements and easy cleaning. You can also enjoy a low-noise experience thanks to excellent sound absorption. The intuitive controls with their clean, flat design enable you to switch off from daily life and switch on to soothing comfort in the shower. 

For the most beautiful water moments  

The new generation of hansgrohe iBox Universal gives you maximum design freedom in the bathroom, because it can be combined with all hansgrohe pre-fab sets. And it combines the tried and tested advantages of the previous model with several new features and additional benefits:

  • More efficiency – time-saving installation
  • More flexibility – more mounting options
  • More safety – fewer installation steps

The image gallery shows you what the upgrades to the iBox actually look like:

The top improvements summarized:

  • Safe, flexible, time-saving installation
  • Better installation options through intelligent details
  • Completely waterproof and universally applicable. Sound insulation means all new pre-fab sets fall under acoustic group 1
  • Can be combined with all previous and future hansgrohe and AXOR pre-fab sets (older lines only require an adapter plate for installation). 
  • Pre-fab sets require minimal space and offer a diverse product range (various colors, shapes, and number of consumers to choose from)

Why is saving time such an important factor? 

Because trades workers are increasingly under time pressure, exacerbated by the shortage of skilled workers. What they need, therefore, is a partner who understands these challenges and offers products that enable simple but safe installation. hansgrohe wants to be this partner. The new generation of iBox is another example of how we use innovative ideas and intelligent solutions to make installers’ work easier while also increasing our customers’ satisfaction.

hansgrohe ShowerSelect Comfort and the iBox universal 2 in detail.
With the iBox universal 2 and new hansgrohe pre-fab sets for the shower, concealed installation is twice as fast as with the previous models.

The new iBox 2 and our new pre-fab sets

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