Frequently asked questions

Thermostats & valves

You can find helpful tips and answers to frequently asked questions about purchasing hansgrohe thermostats and valves here. Select your desired question below and view the answer.

The thermostat handle is difficult to operate. How can I solve this problem?

There are several possible reasons for the handle being stiff. For example, deposits on the sealing surfaces may lead to stiffness. Please replace the component according to the enclosed installation manual. You can find more information in our electronic Spare Parts Shop.

The button on thermostat is stuck. The safety lock cannot be unlocked. How do I remedy the situation?

In all probability, either the button is calcified or the spring is defective. Clean the spring and button, then grease them lightly. The parts may have to be replaced, if needed. The spare parts number can be found in the installation manual or in the online Spare Parts Shop.

The Select button on a ShowerSelect or ShowerTablet isn’t working. What can I do?

The green safety clamp was not removed from the valve when the faucet was installed. Dismantle the visible parts and remove the clamp. The seal between the button and escutcheon may not have been greased. Lightly grease the seal with silicon grease.

Can I adjust the flow rate on products in the ShowerSelect line?

The flow rate is not adjustable for ShowerSelect thermostats, because experience shows that roughly 80% of users do not need volume control. Flow control is required particularly for the hand shower. With most hansgrohe hand showers, you can choose between a soft or hard spray. A large number of EcoSmart hand showers are available as a water-saving solution. With hansgrohe overhead showers, the focus is on showering pleasure: the large rain showers are coordinated for performance, and there is an extensive range to choose from. Products with volume control are still available with the existing thermostats with standard technology.

The replacement handle on my concealed installation thermostat faucet is missing the mounting screw. How do I mount the handle correctly?

Since 2012, the thermostat handles are snapped into place. The mounting screw is no longer necessary. Handles are now only snapped into place, and can be removed again at any time with a firm pull. However, if you have an older model year thermostat, this won’t be a problem: the screwless handle is still compatible here.

Sealing: Do I also have to seal the wall openings and joints?

Incorrect or missing waterproof joint sealing on installation openings can cause significant damage to the building structure as a result of water penetration. The joints on concealed installation faucets and pipe openings must be given a permanently elastic seal, for example with sealing sleeves and the use of a suitable silicone sealant. This must be made in accordance with DIN 18195/Part 5 (Waterproofing of buildings – Waterproofing against non-pressing water on floors and in wet areas; design and execution). Screw holes must also be protected against penetrating moisture by using additional silicone sealant. You can find more information in the installation manual included with the product.