The innovative PowderRain spray mode by hansgrohe
hansgrohe New shower spray

Relaxing and gentle, thanks to micro-fine droplets: PowderRain

Inspired by the warm, misty droplets of the rainforest, PowderRain makes every showering session an indulgence. The innovative jet pampers the skin, enveloping you in a cocoon of water. Thousands of fine and silky micro-droplets cover the skin, making it a much better, feel-good experience for you - a silent and sensual showering.
Available in the Rainfinity range and select Raindance products.

Water doesn't get any better

PowderRain jet type creates a private spa feeling in your home. Thousands of micro-droplets create the most relaxing shower experience possible. Everything is quiet and ultra-delicate so that you can immerse yourself and relax completely.

New spray mode in the hansgrohe showers

Ultra-soft on the skin, with state-of-the-art technology

PowderRain is an innovation that transforms your daily shower into luxury to be enjoyed everyday. The newly developed micro-droplet technology ensures a much finer spray than a conventional shower jet. Each single PowderRain nozzle up to six fine openings that disperse the water into thousands of velvety soft micro-sized droplets that caress the skin.

Quite as a whisper

PowderRain is our quietest shower with 20% less noise* to enable pure relaxation. The micro-fine droplets fall gently on the body. It provides a quite and deeply relaxing shower experience after a tiring day. 

Minimum splashing

Due to their lower weight, the PowderRain droplets land softly on the skin. This reduces the splash effect, a tremendous advantage, especially, in the open showers that are currently in fashion.

Saving water, increasing sustainability

With PowderRain, the water consumption has been reduced. This means you can save up to 20 percent of water. Less water also means lower energy consumption.
Raindance Select with PowderRain

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