Presentation of the thermal imaging camera to the fire department in Schiltach in the Black Forest.

Former Hansgrohe Board Member Otto Schinle (2nd from right) presents the thermal imaging camera to the Schiltach fire department.

Hansgrohe SE is committed

to the volunteer fire department in Schiltach

At the company headquarters in Schiltach in April 2010, Hansgrohe donated a special piece of equipment to the volunteer fire department: the wireless thermal imaging camera including monitor is designed to assist the helpers in future emergency situations. The special camera is invaluable in cases of building fires or traffic accidents. It helps to coordinate the operation better on the ground and to locate sources of heat such as injured people or fire sources. And all this at a distance of up to a kilometre – even when there is a build-up of heavy smoke.

The technology is fascinating: the wireless camera is robust, splash-proof and heat-resistant. In emergencies a fireman transmits the images straight from the operating location to the monitor outside.

A wise investment that will make the Kinzig Valley a safer place

For Hansgrohe SE, this contribution is not just a useful donation to the community, it's also a good investment in the company's own works security. For the bathroom and sanitary specialists, who traditionally attach great importance to employee protection and production safety, this special piece of equipment represents an extra security measure. So both Schiltach Hansgrohe "West" and "Aue" plants are now even better protected. The necessary wireless system has been installed in the plants for emergency situations.

"Of course we hope that we don't even have a situation where the camera is needed", said the Hansgrohe Board Member. "Nevertheless it is sensible to invest in this equipment and so assist the fire department in its work saving people's lives."

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