A building belonging to the Off Road Kids Foundation

Hansgrohe SE is committed

to children in care and on the streets in the Off Road Kids Foundation

The "Off Road Kids" Foundation looks after street kids in Berlin, Hamburg, Dortmund and Cologne. The Foundation has opened a second children's home in Bad Dürrheim. Hansgrohe supported the development and equipped the building with Pontos AquaCycle technology.

In the spa town, which is located between the southern Black Forest and the Swabian Alps, the Foundation runs two residential establishments, where young people from disadvantaged family backgrounds are looked after. Here they learn social behaviour and how to be independent. When the parent house, with accommodation for six people, was no longer sufficient, in 2007 the Foundation established a second building.

Pontos AquaCycle is part of an overall concept

The new building for the kids is in many ways an exciting project. The Pontos AquaCycle technology is an integral part of an overall ecological concept. The system recycles the water that comes from the 14 showers and hand basins here, stores it and conducts it through a second water cycle into the toilet flushing system.

This innovative reuse of water also helps safeguard the environment. So everyday the boys and girls learn how this precious raw material can be put to better use. Off Road Kids Chairman of the Board Markus Seidel added: "As an organisation that runs children's homes, we need to set an example both in health education and also in the economical use of resources." Thus, Off Road Kids in Bad Dürrheim demonstrates impressively that gaining a sense of responsibility these days also includes learning about the sustainable use of water.

Get involved in Off Road Kids in Germany

There should be no street kids in Germany. The children and young people are in need and they rely on our help. You can find more information on the website of the Off Road Kids Foundation.

Communal cooking in the kitchen of the Off Road Kids Foundation in Bad Dürrheim.

Communal cooking in the kitchen of the Off Road Kids Foundation in Bad Dürrheim.

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