Each person can choose his/her own setting: Raindance Select Showerpipes

Shower systems that are as varied as the people taking the showers.

The shower specialist Hansgrohe My pleasurable shower experience", Hansgrohe has developed a new showerpipe range in collaboration with Phoenix Design. So you are free to decide just what your perfect shower should feel like. Naturally, the standard of quality is extremely high: in the case of Raindance Select, elegance, functionality and intuitive user comfort are all combined.

"Everyone has a different idea of what makes the perfect shower." (Richard Grohe)

With its new product range, Hansgrohe is picking up on the desire for more freedom and design opportunities in the bathroom – completely in line with current trends. The three new showerpipes are furnished with three different sized overhead showers, two thermostat variants – and in all cases with the new Raindance Select hand shower.
So these modern shower installations offer tailor-made showering fun.

Raindance Select Showerpipe 360: A pleasurable shower experience that feels just like warm summer rain.

A sensation of warm summer rain: your body will be pleasantly massaged by the plump, effervescent droplets of water from the overhead shower, and on the hand shower you can easily choose between three jet types at the touch of a button. Practical and elegant: the Ecostat Select thermostat shelf area offers ample space for all your showering utensils.

Ecostat Select thermostat: water and temperature regulator plus practical storage space all rolled into one.

This thermostat is perfect in form and function – and clever to boot. Not only because the temperature and water quantity can be adjusted individually. It can also be used as a practical storage space for shower utensils.

Sensual and informative: our brochure on the new Raindance Select Showerpipes

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