2-hole kitchen mixer

M71 kitchen mixers

Design your own personal dream kitchen with ergonomics and aesthetics

The kitchen mixers in the M71 range have the wow factor and are indispensable tools for your dream kitchen. The clear-cut, minimalist design is the ideal match for hansgrohe sinks, and it boasts impressive ergonomic features. Enjoy the revolutionary convenience offered by the 2-hole variant, with the operating handle on the front rim of the bowl. Select technology also means that you can Select the function you require at the touch of a button when tackling your kitchen chores.

M71 kitchen mixer

M71 kitchen mixers

Kitchen mixers in the M71 range come in a variety of spout heights. The 2-hole variant provides you with a separate control unit. M71 Select enables the water jet to be controlled at the touch of a button on the spout, while products with a hand spray increase your operating radius at the sink unit.

M71 kitchen mixers ( von )


A new concept of sink unit ergonomics and functionality

What would the kitchen be without the sink! Whether you're preparing salad and vegetables, cooking or washing up: everything centres around this watering location. Would you love to make your kitchen chores easier with an ergonomic, functional sink mixer? In its M71 range, hansgrohe offers a selection of products that provide you with an even larger operating radius.

  • Ergonomics: on the M71 range Select 2-hole variant, the control unit is located within easy reach on the rim of the sink unit. Two highly functional yet also aesthetic variants are available: the lever handle enables you to control the water volume and temperature. Alternatively, you can press the Select button to turn the water on and off, or turn it to operate the plughole.
  • Safety: the new sBox makes it really easy to pull out the pull-out spout and feed it back in. The hose is routed securely and protected from damage. The operating radius of up to 76 cm is more than enough to fill up even large pots and pans.
  • A bigger ComfortZone, more elbow room between spout and basin: mixers in the M71 range come in a variety of heights. The spout can also be swivelled 150°.

M71 kitchen mixer range: enjoy having more elbow room.

  • Sink combi unit
  • Handle on the rim of the sink.
  • Select button on the rim of the sink.
  • Select operating button on the sink.
  • ComfortZone at the sink.
  • Mixer with a long pull-out spout.
  • Different jet types.