Eco-friendly hansgrohe showers

Sustainable showering indulgence

Feeling and looking good is great for people,
animals and the environment

Organic product sales are booming, and being vegan is in vogue. In the new millennium, almost everything involves proof of sustainability – whether you’re eating, drinking, dressing or travelling. The beauty industry has also been recording steep upward curves in the area of “natural cosmetics” for some years now. Increasing numbers of consumers are looking to purchase environmentally friendly products from organic resources. Nowadays, wellness in the bathroom no longer means simply taking a pleasant break from the stresses of everyday life, it also means sensuous, unadulterated, guilt-free indulgence. In other words, using shower gels, shampoos, creams or deodorants which pose no risk to health and have not been tested on animals. Bathrooms of this modern era therefore increasingly feature tubes, jars and pots, with labels exhibiting recognised natural cosmetic seals. Their natural, beautiful design is no longer reminiscent of the “eco chic” of former times. Another encouraging development is the fact that there’s no longer any need to pay through the nose for “natural” products.

Big on quality, small on quantity – save precious resources

Those who try to use as few chemical substances as possible, in order to lessen the impact both on themselves and the natural environment, know full well that the key factor is not just the ingredients of the skincare product, but also the quantity consumed. The more sparingly we use gels and shampoos (as well as detergent and washing-up liquid), the less waste water pollution we produce. Day after day. Those who are environmentally aware also make sure that they consume minimal water and energy when showering. This is where hansgrohe comes into its own, with its EcoSmart showers. Featuring automatically limited water flow, these ensure the conservation of resources – but offer the same high level of showering comfort.

Shower safely – with no parabens or phthalates

It’s no wonder that cosmetics consumers are increasingly opting for reliable brands that use traceable ingredients. Product tests over the last few years have revealed hazardous substances, which some manufacturers expect consumers to put up with. Substances such as mineral oils, which may well be cheap – but dry out the skin and clog the pores. Or parabens, which may well preserve gels and creams – but are suspected of triggering allergies. Plasticisers (phthalates), emulsifiers such as polyethylene glycol (PEG), aluminium, silicone or artificial colourings and fragrances also appear to be not entirely harmless. An increasing number of people are relying instead on natural cosmetic certificates and organic quality seals from independent consumer protection bodies.

Incidentally: a lot of suds does not automatically signify extreme cleanliness. A lot of suds is simply proof that the substance contains lots of surfactants, and these are not needed by humans or the environment. So the dream team in the shower is: natural cosmetics (= less suds) and a hansgrohe EcoSmart shower (= less water) for rinsing off.