Shower enclosures made of glass and featuring images.

Individually refined, one-off items for the bathroom

Products that express personal style are trendy

Your home is characterized by your individual taste, and is customized to meet your own personal requirements in terms of comfort. In the living area - and in the bathroom - diversity ought to ultimately create unity, reflecting the personality of the occupants. Standard products are often inadequate. So it's no wonder that product customization has developed into a trend: design which is tailored to the specifications of customers and which bear their own unique hallmark - a favourite colour, an inscription or a special format.

High-tech design goes hand in hand with skilled craftsmanship

Just like optional equipment for a car or tailor-made carpentry for a piece of furniture, end consumers are increasingly looking for items carrying those personalized final touches that set them apart from series production. The literal final touches give these items unprecedented exclusivity and once again set specific accents in top-quality interior design. There is an increasing demand for tailor-made products in the bathroom too. How about using a personal photo as a permanently branded decoration on your wall tiles? Even the shower's glass partition can be enhanced by adding a customized motif. Last but not the least, surface finishes and customized mixer dimensions: a trend which the AXOR manufacturing department successfully implements in order to offer customers tailor-made mixers and showers to fulfil even the most exacting requirements in terms of design.

“We aim to help customers achieve their own personal dream bathroom”
(Lothar Schoch, Head of the AXOR manufacturing department)

The special service offered by the Hansgrohe Group involves a combination of the ultimate in technical expertise along with that attention to detail which is essential to skilled finishing work. This is how we produce special finishes such as the gold, brushed nickel and - currently on trend - black chrome, which are so sophisticated that they are actually setting new standards. An ultra-modern coating method results in surface finishes that are as aesthetically appealing as they are robust. Sophisticated processing using laser technology or customized length modifications offer more, virtually unlimited design options. All products from the AXOR collections and hansgrohe ranges are skilfully refined in the AXOR manufacturing department, both in the form of unique items for private households and also in larger quantities for the project business.

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