Harmonious interplay

Feel-good bathroom in a variety of different styles

It's not room size that determines whether we feel good in the bathroom or not, but rather a well-thought-out planning concept. This seizes on your personal style – whether that be puristic or sensual, nature-inspired or even baroque – and finds an architectural solution which makes your bathroom a place you really want to spend time in.

The organic minimalist bathroom concept is so multi-faceted that each person's perfect bathroom can be achieved to fit in with practically any floor plan: here we have a fusion of nature and architecture, while sensuous surfaces are combined with powerful shapes. The bathroom concept offers real scope for incorporating a sense of emotionality into the bathroom, along with elegant accents and contrasts.

A bathroom that benefits from its relationship with nature

Thanks to its close relationship with nature and the liberal use of daylight, the organic minimalist bathroom is truly a place of wellbeing. The warmth of wood and the haptics of plastered wall surfaces create a natural ambience. Yet the bathroom concept also plays with some appealing contrasts: powerful shapes coincide with sensuous materials. Similarly, flowing fabrics and extravagant wall surfaces combine with purist bathroom objects to create a harmonious feel.

Accommodating a variety of requirements

A well-thought-out planning concept can deliver feasible solutions to accommodate a wide variety of user requirements. Wherever the architecture facilitates it, the bathroom is merged with the sleeping area to form a communicative living space. Interconnecting materials, colour accents and architectural elements lend structure to the room. Meaningful sequences and personal preferences determine the zones within the bathroom and how these are configured – regardless of room size.

Ideas that are put forward can be implemented using the Axor Starck Organic collection, for example.

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Symbiosis in the bathroom: let yourself be inspired


Bathroom ideas for rooms of all sizes in a variety of style worlds

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