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Premium showers offer more showering pleasure

You won't ever want to get wet any other way

What makes showering even more fun? What can be done to transform daily rituals for millions of people into an experience of wellness? These are questions which the hansgrohe and AXOR brands truly dedicate themselves to. These are the trademarks of both premium labels:

  • Quality and durability. “Made by Hansgrohe. Designed for Life” is the tagline which sums up what these timeless premium products are all about. After all, consumers do not purchase new bathroom furnishings every few years. “Made in Germany” quality and simple installation are also typical of hansgrohe.
  • Design. The Hansgrohe Group works with globally successful designers and is the design leader in the sanitation industry. This is also confirmed by the company's numerous awards.
  • Ease of use and a focus on consumer requirements. The fish, not the angler, needs to love the taste of the worm. This saying describes our perspective: fitting the product to the person. We find out in advance what people want and need. Customer requirements are then taken into account at the product development stage.
  • Inventiveness. Inventive innovators and developers work at the Hansgrohe Group. Their hobbies: new products, innovative technologies and environmental awareness.
  • Service. Whether it's cleaning or water-saving tips, long warranties, apps or direct communication with the Black Forest: The Hansgrohe Group looks after you even after the purchase.
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We want you to be able to enjoy our shower products for a long time.