Woman, hand shower, RainAir

Different jet types offer more showering pleasure

Is all rain equal? No way!

All over the world, hansgrohe is associated with Raindance. Those who have this sensuous rain shower in their bathroom can enjoy showering with different jet types, and savour appreciable variety. The new Raindance Select hand showers, for example, pamper you with three jet types:

  • 1. RainAir - relaxing shower rain. The water rolls out of the shower head, because each droplet is enriched with air. It caresses the skin just like soft summer rain.
  • 2. Rain - powerful rain jet. This provides an invigorating burst of freshness and is ideal for rinsing out shampoo. (Those with longer hair know how annoying it is to have a thin trickle of water to wash their hair with.)
  • 3. Whirl - swirling massage spray. This relieves tension in the neck or shoulder area. The rotating helix jet wanders over the skin just like a masseur's fingers. Especially nice after indulging in sport.
  • The invigorating shower jet type that comes out of the Raindance Select overhead shower is called RainStream. Here, large droplets of water tumble onto your head and shoulders, washing away all your stresses.
  • Check out other hansgrohe jet types in the image galleries.

Pleasure showerers? Efficient showerers? Focus showerers?

A series of practical tests sums it up. There are three different types of showerer: pleasure showerers, efficient showerers and focus showerers. hansgrohe wants everyone in the family to enjoy their own individual showering style, so they combined three jet types in one product: the Raindance Select E 120 hand shower can be switched to a different showering mode to satisfy everyone's personal need - at the touch of a button. Therefore each member of the family is invited to try out something different. Depending on time of day and mood.