AXOR accessories.

AXOR accessories

Top-quality supplementary products for customised bathrooms

Add the perfect finishing touch to your customised dream bathroom using bathroom accessories from AXOR. These can be integrated seamlessly into a range of different style worlds and they add that touch of perfection: with practical shelving and towel racks, soap dispensers, elegant lighting around the mirror, plus lots more. These high-quality accessories can be combined with lots of AXOR collections and they fulfil many requirements in terms of comfort.

On this page we show you a selection of accessories which can be used across all the collections. You will find other accessories in the individual AXOR collections.

Axor Universal accessories range.

AXOR Universal accessories

The AXOR Universal accessories range includes timeless, elegant products which can either be used individually or flexibly combined with one another. Their universal design means that they blend in perfectly with lots of AXOR collections and with a range of different style worlds. In kitchens too, they provide extra convenience and improve hygiene thanks to the use of high-quality materials such as metal and glass.

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Axor Starck accessories.

AXOR Starck

The accessories from AXOR Starck, such as the soap dishes and the tooth brush tumbler, reflect the collection's timeless, purist style. The single hook resembles a simple nail: for the design, Philippe Starck took inspiration from archaic models. The shelves, soap dispenser and wall lamp are also minimalist.

Accessories from the AXOR Starck collection and matching products ( von )

Axor Massaud accessories.

AXOR Massaud

AXOR Massaud accessories cover almost all the areas of bathroom furnishing, and provide the perfect finishing touches for the collection's natural bathroom concept, with products ranging from soap dish, grab bar and vase through to towel hook, mirror, tooth brush tumbler and other elements.

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Axor Urquiola accessories.

AXOR Urquiola

The AXOR Urquiola accessories constitute part of the collection's fusion of styles. Therefore the bath towel holder, soap dish, wall hook, tooth brush tumbler and other products go well with other AXOR collections.

AXOR Urquiola accessories and matching products ( von )

Axor Bouroullec accessories.

AXOR Bouroullec

One special feature of the collection is the versatile shelves. These are available as accessories in two sizes, freely positionable or for wall mounting. The range is completed by hooks, tooth brush tumblers, towel racks and a mirror.

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Axor Montreux accessories.

AXOR Montreux

AXOR Montreux offers coordinated accessories for a traditional bathroom design. Bathrooms can be classically furnished using AXOR Montreux accessories, which range from tooth brush tumbler and wall light to pull-out shaving mirror, plus lots more.

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