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Shower sets

Hand shower plus shower bar: your ideal shower set

Virtually all of our hand showers are available as a set, together with matching shower bar. We supply the bar in lengths of 65 cm and 90 cm as standard. Unica's E is also available in a length of 150 cm. hansgrohe shower sets are impressive both visually and functionally.

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Shower sets

The broad, multi-faceted hansgrohe range includes popular shower sets such as Raindance Select hand shower plus Unica'S Puro shower bar, Croma 100 plus Unica's Croma wall bar and combinations of hand shower and wall bracket. When it comes to the Unica Comfort range, the name says it all. Unica' E shower bars come with a practical glass shelf for shower utensils. You will also find shower combinations consisting of a shower set and thermostatic mixer.

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Advantages of hansgrohe shower sets:

  • The shower bars can be installed quickly, are smooth, robust and easy to clean. Use these to attach your hand showers at the required height. Many of the integrated porters (shower supports) offer convenient adjustment options in three dimensions.
  • More comfort and safety for everyone in the bathroom: the horizontal part of the Unica Comfort shower bar also acts as a grab bar and offers TÜV-tested safety for the whole family. This range guarantees a firm foothold on slippery floors. The shower bar has an extra shower support and features a practical, flexible shelf.
  • The hand showers guarantee customised showering fun – with up to three jet types and innovative technologies such as Select, AirPower and QuickClean. Almost every hand shower comes in the EcoSmart version. The water-saving function turns your pleasurable shower experience into an even more sustainable one.

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Varied range to achieve a personalised shower

  • Unica shower bar and hand.
  • Unica shower bar with shelf.
  • Unica Comfort all-round set.
  • Raindance Select shower set, round.
  • Raindance Select shower set, square.
  • Croma Select shower set.

Unica – a Black Forest invention making its way around the globe

Did you know that Hans Grohe invented the Unica shower bar over 60 years ago? In 1953 the company founder and chief innovator was 82 years old. During the German years of economic miracle, the first wall rod models went into production. In those days the Unica wall bar was a bathroom sensation. These days the shower bar is a standard product all over the world.