PuraVida electronic mixer

PuraVida kitchen mixers

Manual or electronic? In both variants there is a perfect fusion of design and technology

Regardless of whether you opt for a manual or electronic mixer: the emotive design of this Hansgrohe range really makes you want to get your hands on it so that you can enjoy it. Are you right or left-handed? With PuraVida mixers, you can position the mixer body and control unit separately. This makes provision for all your own personal habits or ergonomic requirements. The many outstanding aesthetic and technical features of these competent kitchen assistants also make them impressive. Start enjoying your kitchen chores!

What PuraVida means for your kitchen:

  • Award-winning, innovative aesthetics: the sculptural design features clear, soft lines. PuraVida adds more charm and a certain sensuality to your kitchen.
  • With its exceptional finish, PuraVida will definitely be eye-catching on your sink.
  • Precision workmanship and outstanding quality down to the finest detail.
  • Customised positioning of the handle and control unit guarantee ultimate ease of use.
  • ComfortZone: more space and ease of use for you. The extra-high swivel spout (120°) provides you with more space between the spout and the sink, meaning that even large containers are easy to fill.

The award-winning PuraVida design

PuraVida kitchen mixers display a timelessly beautiful, purist design concept. You have a choice of a stainless steel look or chrome – whichever goes with the sink, stove or handle elements. The exclusive DualFinish in a stainless steel look is sure to grab your attention: the seamless transition from brushed base set to polished spout constitutes an array of the highest quality materials. The finish (PVD), which is refined using a special technique, makes the mixer robust, which is ideal for day-to-day kitchen chores.

Easy operation of the electronic mixer

You can position the electronic mixer's control unit on, behind or next to the sink: independently of the spout. Its outstanding feature is the quick temperature selection. Select the predefined temperatures at the touch of a button:
press once = cold water, press twice = mixed water, press three times = hot water. The temperature can be steplessly adjusted by rotating. Adjust the water volume by simultaneously pressing and rotating. An LED light ring uses colours to indicate cold and hot water. Store your own personal settings easily.

PuraVida sink electronic mixer

PuraVida kitchen mixers

Whether you select a manual or electronic variant: the high, swivelling kitchen mixers from Hansgrohe's PuraVida range are truly impressive with their emotive design, powerful functionality and customised ComfortZone.

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