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Hand showers

Diversity in design, sophisticated shower technology and up to three jet types – at the touch of a button

hansgrohe manufactures hand showers for every taste, requirement and any budget. Choose from our wide range of products and take advantage of our more than 112 years' worth of shower and design expertise.

Click and enjoy: Savvy Select hand showers featuring a little button

Raindance Select hand showers pamper you with three jet types. Actuate these easily using the Select button, choosing water that caresses (RainAir), invigorates (Rain) or massages (Whirl). Choose from two designs (round or rounded corners), two sizes (120 or 150 mm diameter) and two surface finishes (chrome or white/chrome).

Man with Hansgrohe hand shower

Hand showers – catering to everyone's idea of the perfect shower

Round or square, with one jet type or three: you are sure to find your favourite here. Popular models such as Croma, Crometta or PuraVida have always been bathroom trendsetters. And since 2003 Raindance has been an essential shower component: with its large spray disc, flat silhouette and short handle, it introduced a new design to the world of bathrooms. Latest popular model: Raindance Select – with a button for changing the jet type.

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Advantages of hansgrohe hand showers:

  • They offer more showering fun in an instant, they are beautiful eye-catchers and will enhance any shower with their technology – ideal for easily upgrading your bathroom.
  • Not only do they look good, they are also exciting from both an ecological and an economical point of view: EcoSmart reduces the water consumption by up to 60 percent. Another plus for the environment: Hansgrohe is the world's first sanitation industry manufacturer to introduce environmental life cycle assessments for hand showers.
  • These are impressive thanks to innovative hansgrohe features such as Select, AirPower and QuickClean.

Select: Select your Shower Pleasure

  • Woman showering with RainAir
  • Man showering with RainAir
  • Woman showering with Rain jet
  • Man showering with Rain jet
  • Woman showering with Whirl jet
  • Man showering with Whirl jet
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