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On 29th November Hansgrohe SE received the “Green Controlling Prize” of the Péter Horváth Foundation in Stuttgart. It is awarded in recognition of innovative and effective “green” controlling solutions in managing ecological programs, projects and measures in business and public institutions. The jury was persuaded not only by the compelling nature of the concept as implemented at the international mixer and shower manufacturer from the Black Forest, but also by the fact that controlling itself continually generates fresh impetus for projects of relevance to sustainability.

“Achieving success in the long term is no longer possible unless social and ecological aspects are fully integrated into the business management strategy. Controlling occupies a key function in this context,” said Siegfried Gänßlen, CEO of Hansgrohe SE, “because on the one hand it provides data and evaluations on the basis of which management can make decisions and manage projects, and on the other, green controlling at Hansgrohe is also an important driver that generates new input for sustainability projects. This presupposes that the controller actively engages with new subject areas in order to identify both opportunities and risks. Because the controller must be able to persuade other people within an enterprise of the merits of projects and generate enthusiasm for them, this is an important point. It is the only way he will become an important business partner for management, and will thus be able to contribute to the cause of advancing sustainability throughout the company."

Establishing sustainable aspects of controlling

Hansgrohe has been implementing a company-wide Green Controlling solution since the year 2010. In order to obtain reliable data, a special IT-based solution was developed in-house; it is capable of producing key performance indicators for sustainability-related aspects that are uniform across the company – the “Hansgrohe Sustainability KPIs”. These environmentally and socially relevant key figures are generated at group level as well as for the individual departments, and they are evaluated by Green Controlling on a monthly basis.

The focus is on detecting any deviations from target figures in order to determine the cause of such discrepancies and allow appropriate intervention to take place. Using SAP, reports on sustainability data are generated within the same cycles as the financial figures. This makes it possible to successfully combine environmentally appropriate action with social factors as well as business success, and to integrate them into the business processes in a consistent manner.

Sustainability – an integral part of the corporate culture

Hansgrohe’s current business plan again spells out ambitious targets in this respect: by 2015 – measured against the base year of 2010 and standardised on the basis of the weight of products sold – water consumption during manufacturing as well as during the product utilisation phase is to be reduced by ten per cent, direct CO2 emissions by 20 per cent, and the use of hazardous materials during production is be cut by ten per cent.

“At Hansgrohe, sustainability is not considered an expenditure item, but an opportunity to remain viable well ahead into the future. Green Controlling has a vital role in this endeavor, and it will only gain in importance as a driving force in our efforts to make our business models and processes more sustainable”, said Siegfried Gänßlen.