Choose quality, use saving potentials

hansgrohe products help increase the quality of fixtures and fittings in the demanding housing sector. This also applies to properties with numerous units in which the building owners want to demonstrate their commitment to quality requirements. It is often worthwhile for building owners to invest in hansgrohe’s Pontos AquaCycle grey water recycling system: lightly polluted water from showers and wash basins is reused following biological cleaning. This protects resources and reduces operating costs.

  • Overview of the Neugrüen housing development

    Model housing development for green building saves energy with hansgrohe's CoolStart technology

  • Used water from showers and wash basins in these student halls in Hanover is recycled and reused for the toilets.

    A student halls of residence in Hannover uses hansgrohe’s Pontos AquaCycle* grey water recycling system. It is used for the toilets and saves precious drinking water.

  • The Yoo luxury apartments are designed by Philippe Starck and the AXOR Starck bathroom collection simply belongs in them. Munich is one of the world’s top ten locations.

  • One of the world’s most successful property developments, the Yoo luxury apartments by designer Philippe Starck focus on premium quality in all areas: Manhattan is there from the outset, as is AXOR Starck.