Axor wins German Design Award in Gold

Axor Bouroullec was distinguished for "pioneering work"
Axor, the designer brand of Hansgrohe AG, was presented with the German Design Award 2012 in Gold. The award was in recognition of the Axor Bouroullec bathroom collection, which Axor developed together with the brothers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec.

Pleasantly different
The panel of expert judges was particularly impressed by the fact that the family of fittings in this collection “contrasts very pleasantly from other products in this market segment thanks to their clean and gentle shapes”. The judging panel also gave a positive rating for “the pleasing haptic properties of the surfaces, the high-quality finish of the products, and the fact that the extensive product family (…) can be used in virtually any installation scenario.”

Forward-looking concept for the bathroom as a living space
“As well as the unique minimalist-organic design, the German Design Award also makes special mention of the pioneering concept embodied by Axor Bouroullec,” notes Philippe Grohe, head of the Axor brand. “It is the manifold possibilities for individualizing the bathroom that makes this collection so special. The ability to position the fittings freely on or around wash basins in such a manner that individual ways of using water and personal aesthetic preferences come together – this is the forward-looking quality of this collection.”

The importance of Axor Bouroullec with its functional landscapes for the bathroom as an individual living space has been highlighted by numerous judging panels for renowned competitions and in international magazines like “Wallpaper”. “It is already clear today”, says Philippe Grohe, “that Axor Bouroullec has prompted a lively and positive discussion within a very short time and has garnered coveted awards for the design, concept, materials and communication.”

Hansgrohe AG wins iF Gold Awards
Last weekend, Axor Bouroullec also won an iF Award in the category “material design” in Munich. The wash basins made of mineral cast are key to the ability to freely position fittings, because drilling the required holes is easy and safe. Not one, but two iF Gold Awards in the category “product design” were also given to products made by Hansgrohe AG – the PuraVida wash basin mixer and the Hansgrohe Focus electronic mixer. This success boosts the company's standing in the international design rankings of the International Forum Design (iF) to 6th place, further extending the lead over the competition in the sanitation industry.