Dealer checklist

Be well prepared for creating your dream bathroom

Do you long for a bathroom that is entirely your personal taste? It needs to fulfil all your wishes and needs, but must be within your budget? You will find that sanitation sector dealers are competent points of contact. But any consultation needs to be well prepared in advance.

Good tips as to how specialist fitters and dealers can help you even more during consultations:

  • Take a floor plan with you. So that the expert can see what fits and what issues need to be resolved. Also, you should have found out about the current location of the pipelines and connections. 
  • Have you made a mental note of bathroom ideas from magazines, brochures or on the internet? Your specialist partners will be happy to take account of your individual taste and advise you – even about costs and alternatives. 
  • Who wants what from the bathroom? Have you thought about who in your household uses the bathroom, when and in what capacity? This information will give the expert clues about how to provide you with the best advice for your particular bathroom. 
  • The tiresome subject of money. What is having a future feel-good bathroom worth to you? Once the dealer is able to assess your budget, he will be able to combine mixers and showers, bathroom objects, surfaces and technology so that everything fits and matches. 
  • Your time is precious. Bathroom renovation or new construction involve many different trades, since all sorts of things need to be coordinated. Thankfully your specialist partner will deal with this. But you should first check with your calendar as to what time-frame would be suitable – and whether the work can be organised during a holiday for example.