A colourful mixture of patterns on the textiles adds a hint of brightness to the living area.

Mixing permitted: graphical and floral patterns compete with other decorative materials, as seen at Missoni in Milan.

A penchant for patterns!

Décor at its best: ornamental designs greet you from the walls while structures on homely surfaces bring a touch of magic to rooms.

Strong graphics make their presence felt on the walls, fantasy-filled patterns provide visual appeal and decorative ideas inspired by nature adorn the living area. Even upholstery and floors are becoming brighter: interior design and home décor have resumed their love affair. One popular trend is that of ‘wall tattoos’, which give homes a temporary motto. Flowing wallpaper designs are reminiscent of the seventies. Coolness and elegant purism are left aside: The decorative trend demonstrates individuality. Your local bathroom professional or dealer will be happy to provide you with information about the design options for your bathroom: he will show you the perfect bathroom products to create your own personal feel-good bathroom, displaying a penchant for the decorative


Patterns and colours trigger feelings

Some patterns trigger memories; others represent future experiences. From Baroque to Pop-Art, from the love of gardens to the inspiration of the major cities: décor ideas for the wall excite our fantasies, awaken feelings and illustrate lifestyles. The patterns also redefine the feel-good rooms: a wall tattoo over the bed can send out a sign; the photographic-quality wallpaper can purport a topic. There is no taboo on optically bringing the birch forest or a city motif into a room.       


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Charlotte Abrahams presents the history of wallpaper and 150 high-quality patterns. Callwey.

Patterns in bathrooms and interior design – be inspired

  • Cupboards with ornamental panelling. Casamania, Milan.
  • Retro-style wall tattoo.
  • Patterned wall in a purist-style living room.
  • Dechirer tile range from Mutina.
  • Ornate design on shower divider from Hüppe.
  • Tiles from Marazzi and floral decoration on WC and bidet.
  • Marazzi floral pattern on black and white wall tiles.
  • Wall times from Marazzi featuring delicate floral pattern.
  • Porcelain accessories from Decor Walther.
  • Axor Urquiola paravent - radiator and room divider in one.